U-Tray 114 White (300 ml.)

SKU U-Tray 114W

Primary paperboard tray is made from food grade paper, free from chemicals that are harmful to consumers. Grease resistant and leak proof 100%. Suitable for Frozen food Industry and Bakery.

Size 116x146x35 mm. (Out) 96x126x35 mm. (In)
Package 200 pcs/carton (w/lid cover), 750 pcs/carton (w/o lid cover)
Color White


  • Ideal for frozen food and chilled food. 
  • Ideal for baking products.
  • Ideal for semi-prepared food, dry food and soup. 
  • Delivery and Take-away food.




  1. Food Grade paper, certified by FDA (USA/EU), without added fluorochemicals (PFAS)  and optical brightening agent (OBA), which cause cancer.
  2. The paper is made from 100 % virgin pulp from sustainably logged forest.
  3. Seamless, 100% leak proof.
  4. Cost effective as no need for additional packages and no more dish washing.
  5. Environmentally friendly as it is biodegradable.