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Is drinking too much water really dangerous?

We have often heard the saying "we should drink enough water to meet our body's needs" In order to maintain balanced functioning of internal systems and organs. This is because water is a component of every cell in the body.

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Bakery packaging appearance is not enough

"Packaging" is like a book telling differrent stories. Customers would feel excited upon seeing nice design packaging and even more excited once they open it. At the same time, they expect the  product inside such fancy packaging to be safe and high-

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Does the recycle plastic really save the world ?

Many people think of recycle as one of the ways to save the world.,
However, in another way, it seems to create an impact on the environment This article, we will take everyone to start asking questions about plastic. whether or not, it create a

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Are microorganisms in food "Beneficial or Dangerous?"

Food is one of the 4 factors which show great importance. It is essential for human life. Besides, choosing the food that has nutrients that are beneficial for growth., repair worn parts, another thing to keep in mind is food safety.

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How dangerous is garbage in Thai seas to aquatic animals?

Garbage in the sea is easily generated, however, it takes many years to decompose. It also creates many problems. Let's see how many years it takes for each type of garbage to decompose.

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